Wreay Syke Alpacas
Rolo, bay black with caramel highlights, hence the name

This is Rolo, a Bay Black with caramel highlights, hence the name! He is 6 years old and was bought as a companion for our first ever cria Aztec.

Rolo is very sensitive and once on the halter loves a cuddle. He loves looking at the view whilst we are out walking. He also loves a neck massage!

This is Brock our second cria, he was born in 2016 so is 5 years old. He is a light rose grey with a white face and bib.

He was a bit of a mummy's boy so acts a little bit spoilt and stubborn but has character and will happily eat out of your hand.

Brock is currently available to "meet & greet" as he doesn't like to leave home!

Brock, apricot rose grey
Quattro, Brocks brother, mid rose grey, same markings on neck

Quattro is a mid rose grey with white face and bib and is also 5 years old. Quattro is Brock's half brother and they both have matching bibs.

Quattro is confident and hums a lot, making conversation! Quattro has other duties now so stays at home for people to meet.

Sheared and now looking very grey

This is Carmelo, 4 years old and great on a halter although loves to take his time! He is a mid brown colour, really chilled and loves his treat of Alfalfa pellets. Along with Jura he is one of our wedding boys as he is so chilled, he also goes to care homes!


Icarus came with Idris from The Station Inn herd. Like Carmelo he is 4 years old. He is very spirited and loves his treats but prefers to stay at home with Brock.

Icarus our wite alpava an Idris our brindle brown alpaca

Idris is also from The Station Inn herd and arrived with Icarus. Idris is a lovely dark brown with brindle colours in his fleece. Idris is also 4 years old, is very friendly and loves his treats.


Jura is an addition from the Station Inn herd, he is 3 years old and mid fawn. Jura is very confident and very friendly. Jura along with Carmelo & Benedict are our 3 alpacas that attend weddings and care homes.

Braveheart joined us from Lythe Brow Alpacas, he is 3 years old, is dark fawn and a friendly but shy boy although he is getting more confident all the time. His fleece is so soft everyone loves to cuddle him. 


Benedict is our smallest boy. He joined us from Lythe Brow Alpacas along with Braveheart, he is 3 years old and is usually white.  He is a gentle boy and even though he is little in stature he is very confident and leads the group with no problem. 


This is Enzo, he is 2 years old and has just started his trekking life. He is Quattro's first son and has his confidence although still a little unsure about the big wide world!

How different does he look with his coat off!