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Therapy - the treatment of someone with mental or physical illness or disability without the use of drugs or operations

Wellbeing - the state of feeling and being healthy and happy in body and mind

Wellness - actively achieving a physical, mental and social state of health and wellbeing

Therapy alpaca visits for wellness and wellbeing therapeutic effects for the heart and mind feel good abou yourself

After starting our alpaca trekking in 2018 and seeing how visitors react when they meet our alpacas, we thought about how we could introduce the therapeutic effects of our alpacas to everyone else. Spending time with these cheeky bundles of fluff is just so calming and relaxing, I challenge anyone not to smile when they meet them.

It is more important than ever these days to take care of yourself and each other and make sure you live life to the fullest. I decided to do a course on Animal Assisted Therapy which taught me how different types of animals are used to help support children and adults alike with disabilities or conditions that are emotionally or physically life affecting and how these animals can benefit our health and wellbeing in the long term. After completing this Paul and I both attended an Alpaca Assisted Activities course to learn how alpacas specifically can be used in therapy. Now we would like to bring the benefits of our alpacas to you...

We can bring our alpacas to you!

Community Visits

We can visit your community, residential care homes, retirement homes, schools, retreats, activity centres, the possibilities are endless. Two of our calmest alpacas will come and brighten even the dullest day, therapy for the heart and mind.

This is an activity with a feel-good factor where everyone is able to meet our alpacas, touch and stroke them including feeding them their favourite treat. Also, there will be plenty of opportunity to take photos, even selfies!

Corporate visits to businesses therapy visit team building talking to Jura

Instead of 'Team Building' days when your workforce is away from the office for hours at a time, having a workplace visit from our TheraPacas? Our alpacas can boost office morale, encourage teamwork and improve office productivity by encouraging employees to be happy and relaxed, improving their wellbeing and wellness.

Alpaca Assisted Interventions (AAI)

It is very well documented that contact with animals can reduce blood pressure, lower the pulse rate and alleviate feelings of tension and anxiety. Animals offer unconditional acceptance and do not care who you are or what you look like, they are non-judgemental and are not confused by verbal communication.

Visits can be at our alpacas’ home for individuals or groups, whether it is a one-off visit or a series of visits, we are very flexible and can work out a programme if desired to help achieve specific goals or it could just be for a recreational visit to allow people to enjoy their company. Alternatively, visits can be in a structured environment away from our ‘farm’ where people may feel safer and so more relaxed.

We advertise with The Roots of Life, a wellbeing and wellness initiative "Bringing together people looking to improve their health and wellbeing and providers of health care and related therapies. Focused on holistic and natural therapies we aim to help people discover a natural way to enhance their lives and feel better". 

We advertise in their quarterly magazine and attend their Wellbeing and Wellness events, hoping to introduce our alpacas to people who will benefit from their calming personalities. 


Community Visits

We can come to you as long as there is an area to park our alpaca van nearby. Our alpacas are also able to come inside your venue if suitable so people can meet them, touch and stroke them including feeding them their favourite treat. We will tell you all about our alpacas, where they come from, how we look after them and answer everyone’s questions.

Please email for more details including prices for our Community Visits, Alpaca Assisted Therapy (AAT) and

Alpaca Assisted Activities (AAA)