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Mill spun beanies.jpg
Mill spun beanie 2.jpg


Adult size                £25

All these beanie hats are made to order by me but these ones are slightly different in that they are made with fleece from my alpacas but the yarn is mill spun, this means the yarn is very fine and very even. Take a look at my 'Alpaca Yarn' page for more info.


I make these using my knitting machine rather than my round knitting peg loom.


You can choose a specific colour and/or alpacas and choose whether you want a single colour, ones with the brim a different colour or a mix of 2 colours as shown above. The striped ones are randomly striped as it depends how the machine takes the yarn through so each one is unique.

Alpaca fleece is very warm and insulating as the fibres are hollow so trap air within the fibres keeping you nice and toastie warm.

(Hand wash only and dry flat)

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