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Meet in the Middle cushion cover.jpg
Marbled cushion cover.jpg


16" Hand spun Hand woven


Cushion covers only                               £50

Cushion cover with cushion inner         £64

These cushion covers are a very new addition and a skill I have learnt from a lady on the Isle of Lewis called Chris. These cushion covers are made with hand spun fleece which is roughly spun to keep the characteristics of alpaca fleece rather being spun into a yarn. Then, using my knitters loom I hand weave the cushion covers into one of the designs above. All these designs shown are made with the same 2 alpacas fleece and take approx. 1.2kg of fleece for each cushion cover! Because these are completely hand made, each one is completely unique.


Meet in the Middle 



You can choose a specific colour and/or alpacas and choose whether you want a single colour or a mix of 2 colours as shown above. 

The cushion inners that are used are the ones we also sell separately on our website and are made by a UK mill using alpaca fleece, so not only are the covers made with alpaca so are the cushion inners (except the inner cotton cover)

Alpaca fleece is very warm and insulating as the fibres are hollow so trap air within the fibres keeping you nice and toastie warm.

(To wash the cushion covers, soak in warm water, drain and dry flat. If it becomes particularly dirty use a non-bio hand wash wool detergent)

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